Our COVID-19 Response

Aduyon Initiative: Food Security Through Mutual Help


As we face uncertain times, we hope you are all staying healthy and taking all the recommended precautions. As a world community, we are all experiencing isolation, distance from our loved ones, and perhaps even fear about where are next meal might come from. We believe that now more than ever people will begin growing their own food and learn the immense value of saving seeds. This is the wisdom our incredible partner farmers have always had, and

While our direct programming is on pause right now (to protect the health of our staff and community partners) we have been honored to continue to ensure our partner farmers and many others have a market to sell their vegetables and that the most vulnerable communities in the greater Metro Manila area have access to healthy fresh food.

Through our Aduyon Initiative, or the Ibaloy practice of mutual help and reciprocal work, we hope that communities can continue to rely on the strength of farmers, and that farmers can count on the support of the communities they feed. By participating in aduyon, we are branching out to work with others while remaining rooted in our vision of hunger-free and healthy communities that have access to sustainable, farmer-produced seeds and food.

Over the last month, more than 200 metric tonnes of fresh produce from Tublay, Benguet (packed by dedicated Local Government Staff and volunteers) has been delivered to Metro Manila through collaborations with other partner NGO’s. 150 farmers have continued to receive payment for their produce and more than 36,000 families have received access to fresh and healthy produce. Benguet Farmers also donated additional extra packs of vegetables that will help feed 5,500 vulnerable children in Metro Manila.  

In better times we at Global Seed Savers often said #nofarmernofood but under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) and in dealing with COVID-19, we are reminded of just how crucial it is to support our farmers and persist in working toward food security and seed sovereignty. While travel and our program work is temporarily on hold, we maintain assistance to our partner farmers by providing them with vitamins, probiotics, and emergency kits.

Our work will and must continue and we need your help now more than ever to make this possible.

Please consider making a donation to ensure our food and seed sovereignty programming can continue!

As an organization working with smallholder farmers, we trust in the small, quiet work of seeds and know that if we plant the right ones, the harvest will be good. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Aduyon Partners Include:

Municipality of Tublay Benguet Province, Philippines Business for Social Progress, CARE Philippines, PAGASA, Project Liwanag