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About the Organization

Global Seed Savers US, is a Denver, CO based International Development non-profit organization committed to building food and seed sovereignty. Currently our work is focused in the Philippines and executed in close partnership with Global Seed Savers Philippines (Philippines Counterpart NGO).

Through educating and encouraging farmers to return to the historical practice of saving seeds they are no longer dependent on purchasing seeds after each planting and forced to use harmful chemicals to grow their seeds. Through our education and training programs Filipino Organic Farmers gain the hands-on skills and knowledge needed to propagate, store, save, and sell their own regionally adapted organic seeds.

This enables farmers to be self-sufficient and ensures that organic seeds are more readily available throughout the Philippines.

US Board of Directors

Global Seed Savers US Board of Directors provide vision and direction for the organization in areas including, but not limited to:

  • fundraising
  • strategic planning
  • governance
  • and supporting the Executive Director in leading the organization

We are a growing and maturing international development organization and work in close collaboration with our Philippines counterpart NGO Global Seed Savers Philippines Board of Directors to govern the organization and advocate for our mission and vision.

We are in the early stages of forming a Joint Board with the Philippines entity and while we are separate legal entities, we operate as one governing body with Philippines Leadership to guide our Board structure.


Please email Sherry Manning, Founder and US Executive Director at with a copy of your resume and a brief email that explains your qualifications and your interest in serving on the Global Seed Savers US Board of Directors.