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Since 2015, we have conducted countless training programs with communities throughout the Philippines to bring seed school, seed school teacher training, introduction to permaculture,  knowledge and capacity building support to farming communities and partners across the Philippines. 

SEED Libraries Established

In 2017 we launched our first Seed Library in Tublay, Benguet and since then have opened two more in Cebu: one with CAFEi in Cebu City, and one at Arapal Nature Farm. In addition, we have inspired the creation of 3 others throughout the Philippines that are locally led. 

seed varieties saved

Seeds ensure the longevity of our biodiversity and the ability of communities to grow a wide diversity of crops. We encourage our partner farmers to grow and save many different varieties not only for market value but for the many adaptations that open-pollinated seeds take on, including: taste, pest resistance, climate resilience and more.

At first I thought I came here to learn just about seeds and I wondered, why are we also looking at ‘who am I?’ Then I realized that the farmer and the seed have to come together to grow our food. I can learn the technical side of propagating, saving and harvesting seeds, but if I don’t see who I am, what is motivating me, what my heart truly says, what my own role and purpose is in protecting, saving and growing these seeds, then nothing good will truly happen.

Participant, Cebu Seed School, 2019

The class opened my eyes to a whole new-critical-aspect of gardening this offers hope for healthy food production in the face of climate change and population challenges.”

Seed School Participant, 2016

Seeds are very important and helpful that’s why we need to save them and not to waste them. The online Seeds School helped me a lot.

Participant, Lokal Lab Seed School, 2020

Our Impact Highlights, 2023

Find the full report here: 2023 Annual Report


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Our local staff work remotely
from various parts of the Philippines (Benguet, Cebu).
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US Address

Located at
The Posner Center
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1031 33rd Street, Ste. 174
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Our US offices are based in Denver, Colorado, which is the land of the Cheyenne and Arapaho and 48 other Indigenous Tribes and Nations who call Colorado home. They are the original Stewards of this stolen land and it is because of their successes and continued hardships that we are able to engage in our collective work of restoring the indigenous practice of saving seeds.