Our Story 


Global Seed Savers is an international development non-profit organization committed to building hunger free and healthy communities with access to sustainable farmer produced food and seeds. We are committed to supporting food security in the Philippines. Through educating and empowering farmers to return to the historical practice of saving seeds they are no longer dependent on purchasing seeds after each planting and forced to use harmful chemicals to grow these seeds. Through our education and training programs Filipino Organic Farmers gain the hands-on skills and knowledge they need to propagate, store, save, and sell their own regionally adapted organic seeds. This empowers farmers to be self-sufficient and ensures that organic seeds are more readily available throughout the Philippines.

Sherry and the Cosalan Family pictured at ENCA Farm in 2008.

Originally founded as Friends of ENCA Farm in 2010 (received our 501c3 status in 2013) to serve as the educational and advocacy entity supporting the work of ENCA Eco-Tourism and Organic Farm located in Tublay, Benguet Province (Northern Philippines). Founded by Sherry Manning, a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and adopted daughter of the town of Tublay, we have been instrumental in supporting her host family in realizing a modern vision for their ancestral land, ENCA Farm. Since its founding, Friends has helped ENCA Farm rise as an organic farming training center, youth environmental education facility, and a sustainable eco-tourism destination in the Philippines.                                                                                             

In 2016, we made the decision to grow beyond the historic ENCA Farm and began expanding our programming to additional communities and additional farmers. This decision has allowed us to grow our impact and reach many more farmers throughout the Philippines. In October 2017, we changed our name to Global Seed Savers to better reflect our growing work and impact. At the same time Global Seed Savers-Philippines received it’s registration as a Philippine NGO with the Securities and Exchange Commission (Registration #CN201735925) in October 2017. 

Global Seed Savers is a 501c3 Public Charity. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Tax ID #45-0643549

Global Seed Savers Philippines is a registered Philippines NGO with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Registration #CN201735925.

Our Founding Story


ENCA Farm has been in the Acop and Cosalan Family since the 1800’s. It is named after Enrique and Carmen Cosalan, the third generation to operate the farm after they inherited it from their parents. Enrique and Carmen spent most of their lives tilling their farm, growing fruits, vegetables and raising animals to feed and educate their 11 children about the importance of sustainable organic farming and the history of Ibaloi Culture.

Today the farm is experiencing rejuvenation after many years of environmental destruction due to the Santo Nino Mines and illegal logging practices throughout the region. In the 1970’s not only did the Santo Nino Mines open up-stream from the farm and contaminate its irrigation source, but also the Philippine Governement tried to legally take away the Cosalan’s land. After 30 years of legal battles the Philippine Supreme Court restored the Cosalan’s ancestral land in 2001. This landmark case has set great precedent for indigenous peoples’ land rights throughout the Philippines.

Since 2006, the farm has been open to the public as an eco-tourism space, community environmental education venue and peaceful retreat for tourists and visitors from around the world. Over 1,500 people have visited and volunteered at ENCA Farm to learn Ibaloi Culture and organic farming practices and have enjoyed the warm and open hearts of the Cosalan Family.