On Thursday, December 16th Category 5 Super Typhoon Odette (International name Rai) pummeled the Philippines primarily hitting the Visayas Region.

We are still waiting for word from all our partner farmers in Cebu Province. It has been three days of no contact so far. The damage to the province is extensive. We have heard from Harry and we are so glad he and the team at Arapal Farm in Northern Cebu are ok. Initial reports are showing total home loss, extensive structural damage, and it is likely all our partner farmers’ crops are destroyed. Water and food are going to be a long term concern and local reports are now saying communities hardest hit may be without electricity for months.

Today we are launching a Long Term Recovery Fund to support our partner farmers affected by Typhoon Odette and the future storms we know are coming our way.. We are painfully aware this typhoon will be followed by others, repeatedly putting our partner farmers’ lives and livelihoods at risk.. All funds raised will go directly to supporting them as they rise, rebuild their lives, and replant their crops again, and again, and again. Through the LTRF we will deliver the following:

Immediate Relief

  • Hygiene Kits
  • Solar Lights
  • Water Filters
  • Dry goods as requested and needed

Long-Term Recovery

  • Seeds will be shared with our farmers and partner NGOs also hard hit
  • Extensive Structural Repairs
  • Continued Seed Library Development and the Safety Back-Up of Regional Seeds
  • Farm Infrastructure Improvements Using More Secure Building Practices

After the immediate recovery efforts are complete, Global Seed Savers/Philippines will be on the ground to assist farmers as they rebuild their lives and revive farm production, which includes ensuring access to locally adapted seeds that can withstand and adapt to the realities of these intensifying storms.

We are grateful for any support you can provide and will continue to send updates as we hear more news from our partner farmers in Cebu!

-Global Donations can be made on this page
(This site processes Philippines Pesos, via card).

Philippines Local Donations can me made to:

PH G-Cash via Karen Lee Hizola (Philippines Executive Director): 09275277370

Many Thanks,

Team GSS/P