We recently hosted a momentous Meet and Greet event in Baguio with our Philippines Executive Director Hal! We gathered our farmer leaders, friends of the organization, creatives, and more to meet Hal and hear about our plans moving forward.

It was a wonderful opportunity for the Philippines team to express gratitude, strengthen relationships, and discuss future collaborations with our current and future partner farmers! This event was marked by warmth, enthusiasm, and a shared commitment to preserving Indigenous seeds and supporting farming communities in the Philippines.

By engaging in open and fruitful discussions, Hal and community members explored avenues for future collaborations, shared insights and experiences, and brainstormed innovative strategies to address the developing challenges in the field of seed sovereignty.


One of the highlights of the meet and greet event was leveraging Hal’s expertise and insights. Current and future partner farmers gained valuable perspectives that will shape their future initiatives, projects, and partnerships in the Philippines and beyond!

This meet and greet fostered the many meaningful connections, built trust, and provided a platform for community dialogue – ensuring that our initiatives are aligned with the needs and aspirations of our farming community in the Philippines!

We are grateful to be part of such a vibrant community of supporters here in Baguio/ Benguet and look forward to all the collaborations to come from this support network!