Our recent bi-monthly meeting with our partners at the Benguet Association of Seed Savers (BASS) was a pivotal moment in our collaborative journey towards a more sustainable future. The primary focus of this gathering was to finalize and officially sign the BASS-GSSP Contract agreement for the ambitious “Vegetable Basket” Project. This project holds the promise of transforming the landscape of vegetable production in Benguet and beyond, emphasizing the importance of preserving heirloom and Indigenous seeds.

One of the key outcomes of our meeting was the development of a comprehensive crop programming plan, which outlines the specific crops that each BASS member will be responsible for producing in support of the “Vegetable Basket” Project. This strategic approach ensures that we can maximize our efforts and resources, thereby enhancing the project’s overall success. Additionally, we crafted a project implementation plan, designating responsible individuals for each crucial activity. This careful planning is a testament to our commitment to the project’s success. 

Furthermore, our meeting allowed us to identify the members who will play pivotal roles in generating the necessary reports, both prior to implementation and during the project’s execution. These reports are invaluable for tracking progress and ensuring transparency throughout the project’s lifecycle. The collaborative spirit and thorough planning exhibited during this meeting were truly inspiring, emphasizing the dedication of both Global Seed Savers and BASS to making a lasting impact on sustainable agriculture in Benguet and beyond!