The recent strategic planning session held at the Braveheart Training Center in Argao marked a significant milestone for our initiative. Engaging with the dynamic synergy of Cafei, Pestales, and CONFFFED members alongside dedicated Cebu Seed Savers officers, the event drew together 20 passionate individuals from across 4 cities and 5 municipalities of Cebu Island. 

Amidst this collaborative effort, the gathering identified 13 heritage seeds and crops, amplifying our seed diversity beyond the rich varieties in Catmon. The meeting also outlined six pivotal criteria to join the Seed Saving Community, emphasizing home seed libraries, dedicated production areas, meticulous record-keeping, and active community engagement. Excitingly, our potential expansion into areas like Dumanjug, Dalaguete, Camotes, Tuburan, Alegria, and involvement with two schools signals a burgeoning reach for sustainable agriculture. 

The Cebu Seed Savers anticipate establishing their own Vision, Mission, Goals, and Strategies, marking an empowering step forward in nurturing a resilient, seed-saving community! 

Our strategic planning session with our partners at BASS also shed a light on pivotal past challenges and envisioned a path forward. The officers expressed a collective commitment to growth and change, envisioning a revamped direction for BASS. The focus on establishing clear membership guidelines and setting six essential criteria for active participation not only aims to strengthen the partnership but also aligns with GSSP’s mission to bolster seed stocks for both regular and heirloom seeds. The excitement and dedication seen among BASS members signify a promising future, resonating with our shared vision of community-driven change. 

These planning sessions with our partner organizations demonstrate our value in capacity building and support to their farmer led organizations in processes like planning sessions.