Our recent meeting with the City of Bogo Farmers Federation (CBFF) at the Bogo City Hall was an inspiring gathering that laid the foundation for a promising partnership. With Purok Presidents from across Bogo in attendance, our objectives were clear: to attend meetings, establish connections within the SSC (Seed Saving Community) communities in Bogo, and link with CBFF officers. It was an opportunity for us to align our agenda with the mission and goals of seed sovereignty.

One of the most exciting outcomes of this meeting was the shared commitment to forming a Seed Saving Community in Bogo. The heart of this initiative lies in establishing a seed library at the Department of Agriculture office, and it all began with a conversation about the “Perahulis” seed variety, which may be a Lima Bean. This common vegetable variety, once abundant in Bogohanon backyards, is now at risk of being lost forever. The response from Letecia Decena, a Purok leader and CBFF officer, was heartening. She emphatically stated, “We are one with you on that cause, rest assured we will support.” This moment embodied the spirit of collaboration and shared purpose that this meeting fostered, bringing us one step closer to preserving valuable seed diversity in Bogo.

As we move forward, this partnership with CBFF and the dedicated individuals of Bogo reaffirms our commitment to seed saving and community engagement, illustrating the power of collective action in safeguarding our agricultural heritage.