In the heart of Lapu-lapu City, a remarkable event unfolded, shining a spotlight on the power of women in transforming our food systems. “Birthing An Alternative Food Ecosystem for Cebu: Women Leading The Way,” organized by Philippine Culinary Masters in collaboration with our valued partner CAFEi, brought together diverse voices to celebrate the essential role of women in food production, nutrition, biodiversity conservation, and community resilience. Led by the passionate Sweetie Maurillo, the forum showcased women’s leadership and advocated for their rights and participation in shaping the future of food and agriculture.

Despite the bustling industrial backdrop of Mactan Island and the challenges posed by the intense El Niño heat, the community’s spirit remained unyielding. Participants braved the scorching temperatures and navigated logistical hurdles to honor the 503rd victory celebration of Lapu-lapu over Ferdinand Magellan. This event was more than a gathering; it was a testament to resilience and unity. With industrial fans, abundant cold water, and sheer determination, the organizers and attendees transformed adversity into a celebration of cultural heritage and shared history.

At Global Seed Savers, we are deeply inspired by events like this that resonate with our mission of preserving agricultural heritage and promoting food sovereignty. This forum not only highlighted the strength and determination of the Cebu community but also emphasized the power of collaboration and collective action. By engaging with and supporting local initiatives, we continue to build strong relationships, demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, and foster community resilience. Together, we are sowing the seeds for a thriving future, ensuring that our rich cultural heritage and agricultural traditions are preserved for generations to come.